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Cine 3

The corona pandemic hit culture hard. Like all cinemas, we had to close our cinema again and again in 2020 and adapt to the demands. We have reacted very flexibly to this and designed our offer accordingly: Drive-in cinema, open-air with headphones until the end of September, cinema in the Cine k taking into account a good hygiene concept. The aim was always to provide an exciting programme and a safe place to meet. In the future, too, we will do everything to ensure that you as our guests can visit such a safe place at the Cine k. 

We believe in the future of cinema, the magic of the big screen and the special nature of social encounters while watching together, which the virtual space cannot replace.

Nevertheless, we see that the world of film is changing. Like television and DVDs, streaming portals have become a matter of course and a way to discover films. We see this as an enrichment, especially the diversity of themes and characters has increased enormously and also shows the deficits of the previous cinema programme, both in the mainstream and in the art house programme.

Therefore, Cine 3 does not want to be another streaming platform, but a place of complementation and experimentation. With Cine 3, we want to further strengthen the profile of the Cine k and emphasise what is special. Together with our partners, we will provide a curated film offer, put film talks online and offer background information. If possible, we will show other films by the director at Cine 3 in addition to the current film at Cine k and embed the films accordingly. In the best case scenario, you will see a film at our loation and then take the experience home with you to Cine 3.

And in times when we have to close the Cine k completely, we stay connected!

Access to Cine 3

Cine 3 is the virtual complement to the Cine k. The Förderkreis für das Cine k makes an enormously important contribution to ensuring that the Cine k maintains its accustomed quality. 

That's why all members can test access to the Cine 3 free of charge until the end of the year. You can apply for membership here. We will send you the access code as soon as possible (processing time approx. 1 week).

If you don't want to become a member of the Förderkreis directly but would still like to access the offers of the Cine 3, you can also do so:

With a one-time payment you could either buy a monthly ticket for 7.50 € or an annual ticket for 72 €.

Both subscriptions are not automatically renewed. Immediately after payment, you will receive access by email and can enjoy the films on offer.

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